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Performance OBDII Module - Petrol

Product Code: NITP2
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Price: $79.00 Ex Tax: $71.82

This unit works through your vehicle's OBDII port by directly relating with your engine's data algorithms. The unit safely & directly alters the data to enhance performance through all RPM ranges for maximum power delivery.


100% Plug and Play with ZERO wiring required
100% SAFE - It will not damage any component on your vehicle
100% Effective - You WILL notice an increase in power


Quicker 0-60 times and acceleration
Faster, more responsive throttle response
Easy to Install and remove
Can be removed to NOT void warranty
Up to 35% More Power
Up to 25% More Torque

2WD or 4WD Petrol Engines only.

2-year Warranty. 30-day money back guarantee.

Compatible with ALL Petrol Engines.

Nb. Improvements will vary between Engine Manufacturers.


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